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Ken and I want to thank you so much for all the work you did on our beautiful new addition. We all embarked on quite a large project to design and build our new kitchen, sitting area, master suite, and the spacious rec room for the kids. I want you to know we are loving the outcome, and have gotten so many wonderful compliments. The much needed space has more than lightened up the atmosphere/attitudes around here. You were a trooper and a blessing from the start, when you assisted us in dealing with the city to get things going. You were also quite enduring when we ran into snags and unknown interruptions. We feel that throughout the process you handled each of these hurdles with integrity and patience. You gave great attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout the project, and the outcome was beautiful. Thank you for going above and beyond in so many ways. We will continue to recommend you to friends, and will give you a call on future projects.


Ken and Penny Stark- Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


Aaron and his team at Skirrow Design Build completed the design and remodel/addition of our 1950’s home.  We added over 500 square feet that included and entirely new (much larger) kitchen,  a new master bedroom, and remodeling a significant portion of our main living area.  Aaron listened to our vision and patiently worked with us while he brought forward ideas and developed plans, costs, and schedules well in advance of the work being performed.

When it came time to complete the work, Skirrow Design Build started and completed the work on schedule, despite adjustments for a couple previously unseen items.  They were onsite, staying true to their word and schedule. This was very important to us because we were living in our basement during the Fall and Winter while the work was being completed.  Aaron and his team updated us daily and immediately brought forward suggestions for beneficial changes, while balancing costs to maintain our planned budget.

The honesty and integrity of Aaron and the team at Skirrow Design Build were evident throughout the process.  Also of significance was, and continues to be the quality of materials and craftsmanship.  The initial quality was fantastic and several years later has withstood the test of an active family of five. The first reaction of visitors is “Wow! This is Amazing!”  We smile, agree, and say, “Thanks to the Skirrow Design Build team!”

Matt and Kara- Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


Thank you so much for putting your heart, soul, and sweat into our little project. We truly love the deck and all of its amazing little details. You are the best contractor we’ve ever worked with, but more importantly, one of the best people we could have met. Thanks for everything!


Rose and Shelley- Glendale, Wisconsin